Loading up dogs_1.iso in our DVD player software we see a DVD menu drawn with a hand drawn letter “P”, with links labelled dogs dispersed around the menu.

If we click around on the various dogs links we get a video clip of a dog playing.

Systematically clicking on each dogs link we finally find a link that is different, clicking on it plays a video clip of someone balancing an egg on a doge’s nose. The menu then changes to “A” being in the background.

If we click another random link on the DVD menu we get the clip of the dog playing again and get sent back to the “P” menu

At this point we realize this a DVD menu mapping puzzle and need to map out the first few chars of PAN{

Let’s Google around for DVD menu disassemblers and settle on PGCEdit and disassemble the menu.


First let’s extract the .iso file with 7zip

To disassemble the menu we need to load up the “VIDEO_TS” folder that was extracted from the dogs_1.iso into PGCEdit.

Starting at TitleM we need to find the location of the button that will take us to the “A” menu. Starting at line 29 in the script section and then counting each yellow highlighted line we see the 9th highlighted line corresponds with the 9 button. (Click the green “MENU” button at the top to see the highlighted buttons).

After that we just make sure we do not click a button that takes us back to the Title 1 screen. If we do, we are taken back to the first “P” menu and the whole thing starts over again. Following the correct menu sequence click the following menu buttons to complete the puzzle:

P – 9, A – 13, N – 17 ,{ - 6, R – 2, I – 3, P – 17, _ - 1, A – 7, I – 17, R – 15, _ - 18, B – 8, U – 16, D - 11, }

If you followed the correct sequence you should end up with this screen:

The final key is: